Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2009 Election Prediction

1st  April  2009:


UPA +  SP:   221

NDA:   201

Third Front + BSP:  115


There will be a truly hung parliament,  with  it  being  difficult  to  form any stable  government


19th  April  2009:


Updating  by  separating  the  4th  front  from  UPA:


UPA:  198

NDA:  191

Third Front: 117

Fourth Front:  30


Situation is quite similar to current parliament, but it seems there is too much bad blood between left and UPA  to form a stable government.



7th May  2009


STOP THE  PRESS:  NDA  to  form  next  government


Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra  to  be  drag  on  UPA.  NDA  does  better than  expected  in  UP.


UPA: 156

NDA: 217

Third Front:  134

Fourth Front:  34


NDA will form goverment  with  support  of  AIADMK  and  allies  (30 seats)   +  TDP and alliens (22 seats)











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